Monday, April 17, 2006

Marathon Monday

A few friends and I wandered up to Beacon Street in Brookline to watch the race. We got there just in time to see the lead female runner. We sat, transfixed by the tired, sore bodies hurling past us, as if propelled by sheer will (we were right before Mile 24). I was impressed by the dedication of the runners. They came from all over- NJ, Syracuse, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Korea, Texas, NY, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force.... Some people had costumes or funny hats. One guy ran with a beer can dangling from a stick in front of him.

I'm learning to like these New England holidays.

Some pictures, courtesy of my cell phone camera:

(taken in the vicinity of Audubon Circle)


Anonymous said...

Anyone with a kippa? I'm guessing not since it must be nigh on impossible to carbo-load with matzah.

Lyss said...

I did spot a few Jews around... there are many in Brookline.