Thursday, April 27, 2006

RMV rant, part II

My dealings with the Massachusetts RMV are turning into a comedy of errors.

My permanent license came in the mail yesterday. The RMV spelled my last
name wrong. Figures. Now I have to wait 72 hours while the Customer
Assistance Division* pulls my paperwork to see what happened. I'm left
wondering why I had to show all that ID if they end up misidentifying me?
Meanwhile, this little ID snafu may screw up a car loan that I applied for.

I understand that human error happens, but the Massachusetts RMV is starting
to make the Rhode Island DMV look competent.

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Anonymous said...

The Rhode Island (Rogues Island)RMV have no competition when it comes to incompetence and down right thievery! There are some within Massachusetts that come close... and you will find them in Framingham. I have found honest & ethical personel in Fall River, Brocton and Boston RMV's here in MA.