Monday, June 26, 2006

Boston Eats: Tasca

Tasca is great for an intimate dinner or for a meal with a group of friends. Sharing small plates and good wine- the place just screams Date Spot.

The one annoying thing about eating with groups here is that they won't seat you until everyone in your party is present. Umm.. it's a tapas restaurant- doesn't this mean small plates for sharing? Do you really need all members of a party to do that?

Food is good- I'm getting hungry for their fritata just writing this. Sangria is some of the best around. If I remembered the names of any more dishes I'd gladly expand upon them, but those details escape me right now.

Parking can be VERY tough to find. Try to take the T (Green Line) if you can. (I don't believe in paying $$ for valet parking, which they were charging for last time I went there) .

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mini-me said...

I've always wanted to go to Tasca's but it's been impossible to find parking :( Perhaps now that the students are gone it'll be easier...