Monday, June 26, 2006

Boston Eats: Bella Luna

Inconsistent service and quality on my different visits to Bella Luna in JP.

My first visit was with 5 other people and they handled our varied requests well (we had two veggies and a semi-veggie among us that night). The place is kind of small and I felt like we scored by snagging a large, round table.

I'm not sure it deserves to call the stuff on it's menu JP's Best Calamari- it was actually kind of greasy, chewy and soggy. Entrees have been decent. The drinks are good, but I once had to wait until the bar opened downstairs, which was kind of odd, since it was on a Saturday around 6pm or something.

Still, it's a nice option that has a parking lot (which can be full sometimes).

After your dinner, you can hit the Milky Way downstairs for more good drinks and maybe some bowling or live music.

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