Saturday, March 18, 2006

Boston goes green

I braved the crowds and Boston's reputation for hooliganism on St. Patty's Day and made my way to Quincy Market late last night to go out with some friends. It is amazing what some people will put up with in the name of celebrating drinking. Some bars were charging $30! The friends and I ended up (after a moderate wait in the freezing night) at the Union Oyster House. I actually had a decent time. The place was not too crowded, understaffed, or playing Irish music. The bartenders were pretty talented too, making yummy drinks and not making customers wait too long.
Among the things I did encounter last night:

-As we waited in line, the friends and I spotted this girl licking the shaved head of a bald guy through the window of the nearby Bell in Hand bar. Then she got on his lap (facing him) and began rhythmically moving up and down. I'm all for freedom of sexuality, but there was something kinda disturbing about this (maybe it had to do with licking some guy's head?). We pondered if she was wearing and skirt and wondered if they were doing the nasty in full view of anyone who walked by. Then he put his hand up her shirt, causing much muffin top to be come visible. I guess it's all fun and games until someone takes a picture and puts it on the internet.

-Overheard in the ladies room at the Oyster House- one girl says to her friend "...I can't believe you just threw up on me!"

-The 21st birthday of a pair of cute twins. Their friends and family had made up t-shirts for Mike and Brian's birthday pub crawl. Once they got out and saw the lines, they opted to stay at the Oyster House.(I think those were their names, I admit to being kind of tipsy last night). The back of the shirts said something like "remember when..." followed by lines like (and I swear I'm not making this up) 'Brian bit Mike. And mom bit Brian" and "When papa said 'they were triplet, but one died'".

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Bill T said...

Why would you ever in a million years go to Quincy Market on Saint Patrick's day?

...I guess having the stories to tell is reason enough. 8^)