Thursday, March 23, 2006

Babies as birth control

I think my neighbors (downstairs? across hall? can't tell) are Ferberizing their stupid kid. Either that or they're just neglecting a crying baby. Please don't get the idea that the kid is being abused. The little pooper cries loud enough, and often enough, for me to be able to tell that it has different cries (I'm guessing one for 'hungry', one for ''wet diaper', one for 'turn that fucking music down, you're damaging my developing ears'). I imagine that if a teenager had to listen to all this wailing, which seems to increase at late at night (my old job had me home during the day and I never heard much from the kid), they'd never want to have sex. Hmm..Babies as birth control....

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Bill T said...

I hate:
--not shushing a screaming child
--not stopping a child from running, jumping, tearing around
I see way too freakin' much of it.

Or maybe I just go to Kmart, Target, and places that attract young parents too much.