Thursday, December 15, 2005

Inferior work environment

This post and it's resulting comments got my panties in a knot. I experience many of these frustrations at work and felt frustrated whenever I tried to put my thoughts on paper. This one really gets me annoyed:

The other thing that bothers me is that I am not viewed as a journalist, but rather as a computer geek. Can you help me get this from tape to DVD? How do you add a network printer? How do I get the spam to go away again? Why can't I get this laptop to hook up to the Internet? Those are the kinds of questions I get.

Luckily I've never been asked to fix anyone's computer. But I do get the impression that some a decent number of people at the station view me as inferior because I'm not a 'regular' producer. I think that they are lucky- what they write is not written down for any viewers to see so they can toss grammar out the window if they'd like. I have to make sure I spell things correctly, have proper capitalization, etc.... My job isn't rocket science but it is challenging and I do have to use my brain. Some days I mightt wish that I was a 'regular' because I'm feeling inferior or whatever but then I remind myself that I'm just as good as they are. Unless they make way more $$$. In that case, sign me up.

From the peanut gallery:

Station executives are often all talk about how hot they are for the web, while rank-and-file TV staffers treat the web team like they work in IT.

If they're so hot for the web, why isn't my salary higher? Where's my health insurance?

I'm not sure it's a "news room" problem. It's a business model problem. The Web site at most TV stations aren't taken seriously as a business proposition. An executive-level person with budget responsibilities should be in charge of the Web site, which would give the Web operation leverage to make things happen.

I have news for this commenter- our website/webcenter are run by a guy who has to deal with all that crap....and we still get the short ed of the stick. I'm not blaming him. In fact, I I really wouldn't know who to blame since I haven't been there long enough to know how the machine functions.

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