Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Crimes & misdemeanors

An update to the shooting thing that I recently found out:

A friend was waiting at my apartment for me to be finished with work so that we could go out after. He said that around 10:30 PM (about when I was due home) he heard a lot of yelling and angry sounds coming from the driveway to the complex and was worried that I would drive in and there might be some sort of unpleasant result. What came to mind was that some kids might be in the driveway, I'd get pissed (as I am not the most patient person when it comes to idiotic pedestrians), honk at them or something, and get shot at or have some other unpleasant confrontational experience.

Hearing that there was some sort of beef or whatever earlier in the night makes me think that the person with the weapon was, as my roommate suggested, an uninvited guest to a party in one of the buildings. Hopefully it was not someone who lives here. Hopefully. Roomie also found out from a friend of his who is the Gang Unit Coordinator on the police force in a nearby town, who upon being told about what happened here over the weekend, said that about 10 years ago in Boston crime was way up (in fact, the city is experiencing the highest rate of crime since then) and that gangs are recruiting kids younger and younger these days. I'm not jumping to the conclusion that there is a gang problem in the area that I live in. I'm just mulling over the information that I was given.

I wish that I could afford to live someplace better. A problem for me is that I need an assigned parking spot in the immediate vicinity of my house. I'm not going to wander around a dark street in the pre-dawn hours to find my car. That's not so safe either.

But I don't want to have to worry about stray bullets. And I don't want anyone visiting us to have to take that risk either. I know that I live in a city and that there are many risks that we take every single day. Just getting into a car in this city is a risk because of all the people who obviously got their driver's licenses at Sears, as my grandfather would say. But I'd like to do all that I can to lessen the risk to myself, whether it means using my turn signals or moving for a second time in less than 3 months.


Jason said...

You know, up until a week ago I would have said come on down to Quincy, but after an incident resulting in some juvenile punks being cuffed and stuffed on our front lawn at the end of a high speed chase, we may just be in the same boast as anyone else on the other side of the city line...

My wife is now going through the same "not feeling safe in our own home" thing that you are, and it is just not something that is easy to deal with.

Good luck to you...

jason (but different from the guy who posted before me) said...

I feel you. When I was going to college in Worcester, two people were shot near where I lived -- and one of them was right in front of my dorm. Yikes. Not a comfortable feeling.