Monday, December 05, 2005


The DVR arrived Friday. The new roommate came home with an HDTV yesterday. All is well with the TVs in JP. Just the DVR was enough to make me happy as I missed my old TiVo and kept wanting to throw the ancient VCR out the window. I'm a digital gal now.

HDTV is amazing! (Assuming the program you're watching was filmed in HD). Football looked so crisp and clear that I felt like I was actually at the game. I can't wait to watch hockey on it, maybe I'll actually be able to see the puck, not just a fuzzy black thing swirling around the ice. I can now feel better about myself in comparison to celebs, as HDTV makes it easier to see their imperfections. On a related note, I began to watch The Last Samurai on the new TV and Tom Cruise still manages to look amazing.

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