Friday, January 11, 2008

Well, I'm definitely awake now

Sometime around 7:35am I stepped out of the shower and heard a horrible CRASH!!! followed by a dozen car alarms going off - I thought a tree had fallen in the parking lot. Then came the deluge. I had no idea it was even raining out. (Of course I'd been awake all of 7 minutes.)

I had to scramble around (in a towel, no less) and close all the windows that were open because my thermostat is on steroids. Roommate2.0 had already left for work, and I was running late, so you can imagine how frantic I was.

Rooommate2.0's window sill, wall, and dormant AC unit were soaking, so I was forced to shut the window and lay down a towel. My bedroom window had a small window fan in it (on HIGH, to help circulate cool air into the house), which was now dripping wet while still plugged in to the outlet. Electrocution is not cool, but I managed to shut it off and unplug it without zapping myself. Then I had to set on the edge of the bathtub to drip dry.

I made it (safely) to work in the 'burbs where a nearby parking lot had morphed into a little lake.

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