Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The free T

Last night's ride downtown on the Orange Line was made up of all sorts of annoying underage drinkers. And screaming about Georgia. I took some cell phone videos. (Sorry for the crappy quality.)

Happy New Year!


Rhea said...

Thanks for making me feel as if I was there.

Fornya said...

It's times like that when I wish there were a cop on every friggin' train car. I once was on a subway ride out of NYC for New Years with a bunch of sluggos who kept yelling "fucking trees" (slang for weed) the whole ride out of the city. Someone told them to shut up and all hell broke loose. Awful. The train was packed asshole to elbow, so everyone was forced into the melee.

I hate how a few good apples spoil the whole bunch. Everyone has a right to enjoy themselves, but no ones rights are absolute, and once a person exercising their rights infringes on someone else's rights (say, a sane ride on the T), that line is crossed and your rights are no longer absolute.