Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hot or not?

I'm concerned that part of our heat isn't working. The baseboard heaters in the bedrooms are nice and toasty. The ones out front (living room, kitchen, dining area) are not so hot. Actually, they're not even lukewarm. This is puzzling, since the thermostat is now set to the unusually high temperature of 70 degrees... high for our apartment anyway -it's usually closer to 65 when we're home) I guess it's good that we live a few flights up, as absorbing everyone else's heat from below is probably keeping us from getting frostbite. That and running the bedroom heat higher than usual in hopes that it will find its way out here. Roommate2.0 has the oven on for warmth, but I'm going to shut it off soon (it's making me kind of uneasy, since the pilot light tends to randomly go out).

It's not like we have a slumlord, but there's no one in the property management company's office until 9am. And the voicemail tends to fill up quickly (they manage a bunch of properties). There is someone who is sort of like the Super for our apartment complex, but the Company doesn't give out his number.

Friday, 6:30pm
Just got home. Heat works again. House is VERY warm. Summertime warm. Maybe a little too warm. But I'll take that over no heat.

Friday/Saturday, 3am
It's a sauna in here. Heat in both parts of house is set to 55 degrees. But according to thermometer in kitchen, it's 85 degrees. I'm melting.... I'm melting...

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