Saturday, November 25, 2006

Turkey is overrated

My family actually voted against having turkey this Thanksgiving, so we had some roast chicken instead. The dry, tasteless white meat from a chicken is similar enough to that of a turkey.

It was a generally uneventful evening, minus the repeated declarations of one dinner guest (brought by the son of a family friend) that she was a Zionist. Literally, whenever talking about her upcoming trip to the Holy Land or the group she will be traveling with (which was often), she'd somehow work in the phrase "I'm a Zionist," like she was the only person at the table who was a supporter of Israel. I'm fairly sure that no one present at my mother's lovely Thanksgiving meal hated Israel. Heck, even right wing nutcase Jerry Falwell is apparently a Zionist.

I'm happy that our guest is one (a Zionist, not right wing nutcase) but as far as I know there was no prize for Best Zionist being given out after dinner. Maybe next year.

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