Saturday, November 11, 2006

Chelsea's WWI Memorial 2.0

Went to the unveiling ceremony Saturday of the new WWI memorial in front of Chelsea High School (a friend teaches there). I'm not sure I've been to a formal celebration of Veterans Day ever before. It was an appropriate tribute to those who gave their lives for our freedom.

From the Boston Globe:

Ernie Sullivan was searching for a hands-on project for his Advanced Placement U.S. History class when he told his students to research a World War I memorial near Chelsea High School. What he and the teenagers found, he said, was a "huge historical omission."
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The plaque didn't include the names of more than three dozen soldiers with ties to Chelsea who died during the war.

On Saturday, the work that began as a class project in 2001 culminated with the dedication of a new memorial with 99 names -- including 41 that weren't on the original. The ceremony was attended by Sullivan, his former students, veterans and city officials.

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