Friday, September 29, 2006

Red tape marks the spot

Spoke to the doc today about my MRI results. Seems the impact from the misplaced metal stub on Beacon Street has more consequences than just a sprained ankle. Doc says it might take months to heal. I'm supposed to let the pain be my guide - if I try something and it hurts, I'm to quit doing that. It hasn't really quit hurting since that remnant of a pole smacked into my foot on September 9th.

This sucks (and hurts). What's a blog good for, if it can't be a safe place for me to vent my emotions?

I've barely left the house since this happened (minus going to work). There have been a few ventures into restaurants, supermarkets or other public places, not all went successfully (the elderly were whizzing by me at Shaw's the other day - I am not kidding). There won't be much going out with friends for a while. Bars can be a dangerous environment for someone with a delicate and sore foot. Plus you have to stand a lot, not one of my talents lately. This leaves me feeling isolated in my 3rd floor apartment. I'm only going to climb those stairs once a day, unless given a really good reason. (I wonder how entertaining I can make this place in hopes of my friends wanting to hang out here more often? And sad that I'm missing the last of the nice weather before the dreary New England winter blows in. This means that I might as well toss any cute shoes that I was planning to wear this fall back into storage. No shopping or malls for a while (too much walking). I'm not getting much exercise either.

Side note- A temporary handicap permit in the Bay State takes up to a month to get. This makes a temporary permit kind of pointless. I've been relatively lucky with parking spots and people willing to drop me off near the door, but the luck has got to run out sometime. I'm not in a wheelchair, but I can't walk very far (without pain) or very fast. And I've still got the darn boot on.

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