Sunday, September 17, 2006

Comedy & crutches

Have been making slow progress. Spent Thursday evening laughing at Denis Leary, Bill Dana, Steven Wright, and co. at 30 Years of Comedy at Emerson College. The Majestic Theater was pretty good about accommodating my handicap issue. Some of their guests were not so accommodating. As I was being escorted to my seat, this one schmuck would not get up to let me and my crutches by. On my way out at the end of the performance, I said "Go ahead, you go first, I'll be slower" and again the asshat wouldn't move. I should've whacked him with my crutch and been like "Oops, sorry!" (if only I'd thought of it at the time). I was kind of dangerous with the crutches in public. I whacked a few people in the Ladies Room and some urban youth and students tripped over me on the street.
Friday evening's adventure involved a motorized shopping cart at Stop n' Shop. I didn't think I'd need one of those things for like another 40 years. It was strange driving through the store at 2mph. It was also kind of weird trying to reach things on shelves. And everyone, especially little kids, kept staring at me. Overall, this experience has really opened my eyes to what some people go through.
Good news is that I'm mostly crutch-free as of today (Sunday).

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