Thursday, September 28, 2006

Brand Evangelism + The Masses

Citizen-spawned media creations are on the rise!
Accodring to an article in the NY Times, some forms of user-oriented media are making the move to the big time. IN advertising, that often involves a sporting event. Several organizations are sponsoring contests that invite users to come up with spot ads that will (potentially) run during the Superbowl. We the people even get to vote on them in some cases. Are big name brands making peace with user-generated media?

Commercials not chosen for the Super Bowl by the two companies may still be posted online on YouTube or individual blogs," Mr. Neisser added. The risk is that the consumer will tell you what they really think," he said.

Because who really cares what the customer thinks anyway, right?

User-generated content, now common on popular sites like MySpace and YouTube, includes videos, photos and songs created by nonprofessionals and shared with the world online. Advertisers have increasingly incorporated amateur content into their marketing plans over the last year because of the form's popularity.

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