Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hands Off!

Jimmy Kimmel's show kind of sucks. It was the (really boring) background noise during my moments of panic tonight when I realized that things had been moved and touch in my room while I was at work today.

The cable box tipped me off. I came into my room, turned on the TV, only discover the cable box off. I never turn it off. Ever. I only turn the TV itself off (as the cable box serves as a clock).

I feel unsettled. It seems that some people the management company hired came in to do work on the apartment Tuesday. This was a day after Roomie left strict instructions that they give us a day's notice before their next visit. (On Monday he came home to find that they'd spackled over part of his (very nice) speaker while trying to deal with our second mouse problem.)
Now I'm left wondering why the jewelry is moved around in my jewelry boxes and a set of keys to something important is missing. (Hopefully I just misplaced those. Which would be tough, considering I have only one 'home' for them).

Oh, and my pillows and blankets were strewn about. I'd also love an explanation, or even a note, about the white, powdery substance all over my sheets and pillows. (Now I have to remake the f**king bed!) And some things were left lined up on one dresser in a much tidier fashion than I ever leave them. In fact, one of them doesn't belong on that dresser at all.

If someone bothered to touch all sorts of my stuff, why couldn't they bother to leave a note explaining how it got that way?

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jomilkman said...

realtors have been coming through my place to show it to prospective renters, and due to a crazy schedule, i haven't been able to be present any of the times that they've shown up. it can't help but feel it's invasive, especially considering what a mess much of the apartment is right now.