Saturday, July 22, 2006

BostonEats:Punjabi Dhaba

Come on an empty stomach or bring friends to help you finish the huge amount of food that is served. The rice is so much better than any other Indian restaurant I've ever tried. The quick, cheap, and delicious food has convinced my roommate and that this affordable and tempting Indian food might be worth the drive from JP across the river to the City of Unattainable Parking.

The Indian music videos that play in the main room are hypnotic. You might find yourself so entranced by the high-pitched vocals and the "interesting" cinematography, that you may miss the counter calling out your order number.


jon said...

take out is nice too - it's a toss up if i'd rather eat my punjabi dhaba in the park across the street or with the mice in the upstairs dining room.

mini-me said...

the upstairs dining room is scary! but the food at punjabi dhaba is so good that even the dubious cleanliness will not deter me heh

Marc said...

I kind of like the upstairs dining room. It feels like I'm eating in someone's apartment or dorm. And the food, of course, is amazing.