Monday, July 17, 2006

BostonEats: Diva

The Hookaberry is an amazing drink, and it alone is a reason for me to return to Diva. Fresh mango puree with muddled blackberries and rum. It was mixed perfectly, without the overbearing taste of alcohol that you find in some fancy libations.

We sampled the Lounge and the restaurant.

The Lounge was flawless, save for the wobbly stools at the bar and the bar itself. The actual bar is made of some sort of handcrafted, knotty wood. This makes balancing drinks on its less-than-flat surface somewhat of a challenge. The bubble-themed decor is fun (and must mess with the minds of the very drunk), as are the pod-like bathrooms. The drink concoctions are fabulous, but it takes a great bartender to bring out the best in a drink. I knew that the bartenders at Diva Lounge were really talented when one dining companion said that they didn't screw up his (traditional) martini (he said something about the right amount of Vermouth). The staff was helpful without being overattentive.

The restaurant was decent.
The only thing that keeps this place for getting 5 stars was that i had to send my Chicken Tikka back TWICE. When you list chicken on a menu as being plain, and then it comes with two sauces that the customer didn't ask for, don't be surprised when the customer isn't happy. I especially didn't like the odd mustard they had drizzled over it. Once they got it right, the chicken was delicious and not too dry. My dining companions loved their veggie thali combos. Dessert included very yummy mango and saffron ice creams that tasted very smooth and fresh. The staff was nice, but I was confused by the amount of staffers, some seemed to be waiters, some not, and it got confusing when we asked a question about food only to have someone say "let me get your waiter."

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