Monday, May 01, 2006

A trip down Mass. Ave

Stop #1- Boston

Good drinks. Accommodating hostess.

Got there at around 8pm on a Friday and it was kind of busy. The hostess was pleasant and our wait in the bar only lasted about 7 minutes. Our first drinks were good- I had the Bubbletini and K had the Pink Panther. Our water was always filled. The waiter, who looked like Carson from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, was rather accommodating. But he had an odd habit on standing behind either K or I, hovering quietly, until the point where we would sort get that feeling like someone is watching you over your shoulder. The flavor of the food was very intense. My mini cheeseburger had a strong peppery taste, like the chef had accidentally spilled the entire pepper shaker into the meat. It also came complete with ketchup AND mustard on it, which the menu said nothing about. I HATE mustard on burgers- I don’t understand it, or think it tastes good. And this was not McDonalds, but a nice restaurant. I feel like the menu should warn that it comes with both. If I’m paying that much for a small burger, I want to know what goes on it.

K’s tuna burger was good (better than the last time she was there). She also had a veggie burger, which tasted way better than anything Morningstar Farms puts out. Our Gingery Chicken Satay did not arrive with the burgers. We had to remind the staff that we’d ordered it. And it was Gingery! The flavor of Gingery Chicken Satay was hijacked by the intensity of the ginger. It needed to be dunked into lots of peanut sauce to mask that overpowering root flavor present in the dish.

Our waiter was very accommodating when I didn’t like my second drink, the Toasted Coconut (waaaay too sweet). We would’ve preferred that our old glasses be removed from the table, as they left us little room for much else.

I don't think I'll be returning there for food anytime soon.

As for teh bar area- a suggestion- put coat hooks underneath the bar so patrons have someplace to rest their jackets and bags.

Stop #2- Cambridge

After dinner at Match, K and I ventured over to Tavern in the Square in Cambridge, where yummy drinks and friendly bartenders awaited us.

Even though there was a basketball game going on (which seemed to be a somewhat important one), we did not feel like we were in a sports bar. These sports fans were quite civilized, much to our enjoyment. I’m not opposed to getting excited over a big game, but some people take it to a scary level.

I do not totally understand what the owners are trying to do with the Wish/Tavern setup. Wish seemed more like just another room in the place than a separate entity. However, I liked the drinks and can’t wait to go back and try the food at Tavern in the Square.

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mini-me said...

hi lyss, we went to match a couple months ago too. we weren't quite so lucky since we had to wait almost an hour and the hostess was kinda snotty :p ... the tuna burger was good but the rest were mediocre at best. second what you said about the glasses and table size...I broke my martini glass by accident because of that! grrr