Thursday, November 24, 2005

The PJs in JP

I live in the PJs. Sort of. Found out the new apartment complex is home to a bunch of government funded apartments. I haven't met many other residents, but they seem to be a bunch of families and some young professional types. And many of them have much nicer cars than I do. JP itself is very organic.

It's not all bad. The new roommate is very cool. Among other good qualities and a nice disposition he's Jewish and can fix things. It will be nice to have someone to light the menorah with this year. And the digital cable rocks! (New roommate works for the cable company so we get free cable). This On Demand shit is the best. Instead of being depressed because it's Thanksgiving and I'm sitting in my pajamas in the PJs I am delightfully distracted by Weeds on Showtime On Demand, at least for the next few hours.

Later today I'm going into work. They'll pay time-and-a-half but this way my boss will be able to spend the holiday with his family. He's a good guy so I don't mind too much. Besides, it's not like I have a family of my own (or any at all around here) so I'm not missing out on spending a holiday with my offspring.


Tyler said...

yo, shout out from SWF to tha JP.

Plantation said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Moving...ugh.