Thursday, June 05, 2008

Kidnap encounter

I didn't blog about this until today because I've been busy. And because I had some trouble finding evidence of a real kidnapping until now.

Picture it, Allston, Massachusetts, a late Sunday night in June.

J. and I accidentally sort of drove by the scene of the crime. It began with me facing the wrong way on Harvard St. and trying not to be that asshole who pulls a u-turn in the middle of a busy street. I turned off of Harvard St. and was just trying to go around the block... bad idea. Glenville was blocked by a cop car and a bunch of fire trucks. And there we were on a one way street with no place to go.

Adding to the chaos was this white car in front of me. I thought he was trying to parallel park (badly). It seems that he was actually trying to turn around.. on a one way street! First I thought that maybe the cop told him to do that. But then I realized that if the cop was so keen on this guy driving out the wrong way, wouldn't he be trying to assist or attempt to turn me and the car behind me around too? By the time White Car Guy managed to complete the turn, said cop had driven away, allowing me free passage to Comm. Ave.

We must've gotten there towards the end of the action. Oh well. As I turned the corner heading towards Comm. Ave. I asked one of the people gathered on the street corner what was going on. "Kidnapping" replied a woman in her pyjamas. I sort of thought that she was just being flip. Until I ran across this.

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