Monday, December 03, 2007

Boston Eats: Rocca

Eat dessert first here, specifically the apple crostada. it bears much resemblance to the apple pie that my (non-Italian) grandma used to make. Everything else was very fresh, but not outstanding. White bean dip that comes with the antipasti was also memorable. So were the potatoes that came with the hangar steak. Steak itself was nothing special.

I felt our server was OK. However, I did hear the server of the table next to us tell them about the nightly specials, which our server server informed us of. Hew also sever brought us bread until we asked for it.

One thing puzzled me - the (sort of) valet parking. Nice idea, but when it's 10 degrees out and you still have to walk across a large parking lot to your car, what's the point of having someone park it for you?

OK. I know that it is weird that this bothers me enough to write about it, but Rocca's interior was very nice. I sat facing the upstairs bar and next to it was this overflowing garbage can. (See terrible cell phone photo below.) Ick. Very unappetizing.

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Inkwell said...

I think your point about the trash can is huge. It would take someone two minutes to deal with and it would make a big difference. Someone's going to have to empty it anyway.