Sunday, September 09, 2007

Gay discrimination in JP

Yes, it even happens in JP.

The Jamaica Plain Gazette has an article about an incident that I haven't seen covered anywhere else. It seems a lesbian couple was refused service in a JP convenience store, which, in addition to being bad customer service, is apparently violates the state's anti-discrimnation law.

"... Rodrigues said she was standing in line behind Perez, with her hands on Perez’s hips, while the latter swayed to the music playing on the Tedeschi’s sound system.

.... told the couple they were acting like they were in a “videotape pornography film” and said he would not serve them, according to Rodrigues."

I guess not all men like seeing real life lesbians. And how did he know what lesbians 'act' like in porno tapes anyway?

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Rich said...

Now that's something I wouldn't mind seeing!!!