Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fresh wounds

While driving back from work, I arrived on this gristly scene not long after the cops, EMTs, and paramedics. I took the picture while waiting for the authorities to decide whether to re-route the traffic that was quickly accumulating on this 2 lane road. I figured I was waiting because of some sort of accident, but didn't see any mangled cars. I did not expect to see what I did after being waved through the intersection.

Intersection of Village Street and Forest Road in Millis, MA.

Right behind the car with its door ajar, there was a mangled motorcycle and a pool of deep red, slick and shiny liquid. Fresh blood.

I don't know what became of the motorcyclist, but I hope that s/he survived.

Sadly, I've since found out that the motorcyclist did not make it.

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Bosteve said...

Hey I live near it, and didn't realize that tragedy occured. Thank you for being sensitive and documenting what occurred from your first person perspective!

Steve Lambert

PS. you writing is great!