Wednesday, April 18, 2007

At what cost?

I think that what happened at VA Tech is horrible. But I do wonder if all the media attention being paid to this crime is, in a way, giving the perpetrator the attention or notoriety that he craved. To some people even post-mortem 'fame' is better than none.

I used to work for a TV station that did not cover bomb threats at area schools because they did not want to give possibly disturbed students the (negative) attention that they desired. They also did not want to encourage any copycats who might also seek their 15 minutes of fame.


Anonymous said...

I hardly think his motive was fame. It is important to understand the misery and illness that motivates these things so we can prevent them in the future by reaching out to and not shunning these people.
Regarding the news editors...their job is to objectively report the news. I would be outraged to discover that an editor refused to air a potential threat to my child because he felt it would be giving someone notoriety. That is simply irresponsible journalism. Who are we to ascertain the motives of others?

Rich said...

You raise a good point her. The media whores have been salavating ever since this happened. They are in my opinion giving this guy Cho EVERYTHING he wanted from this.

Tyler D said...

This was a very media-savvy killer. He sent to NBC what Brian Wilson described as a "multimedia manifesto" consisting of video clips, still photos and a typed screed.