Monday, March 05, 2007

The Other Windy City

Something's really loud tonight and it's not the downstairs neighboors. (Highly unusual).

I've been hearing some creaking coming from the porch all evening. Figured it was just some of the crap we and our porch-share neighbors next door kept out there (some of their kid's toys, and air conditioner, a dead potted plant.. the usual).
A few miuntes ago there was this horrible cacophony- screeeetch! shriek! (Roommate was on his way into the building and heard it from below). Turns out that the partial porch divider is hanging on by mere hinges and the neighbor's clothes line tied around their half of the porch. One of the posts it is fastened to has become unmoored from the roof overhang and now it flaps about like a wounded, one-winged dodo bird.

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Bill R. said...

That sounds a tad scary.