Monday, December 11, 2006

Hanukkah Ornaments

I'm the only Jew at work. To make me feel less left out by all the Christmas decor, my employer sent me off to shop for some Hanukkah stuff. In addition to the usual dreidels and wall decor, I thought that a Hanukkah ornament of some sort would lend a somewhat ironic and funny touch to the office tree (which is like 7 feet high and covered in trimming).
I went to the Hallmark store in the suburb where I work. I inquired about Hanukkah wall decor as well as a possible Hanukkah ornament.

Me: "Do you guys have any Hanukkah ornaments? Like to hang on a tree."

A long silence followed. The store's employees looked at me like I'd just uttered a racial slur.

Still Stunned Employee: "No, Hallmark doesn't make one of those. Why would you think they do?"

Me: "It's kind of funny, right? Ironic."

Still Stunned Employee: "No."

Me: "I'm Jewish and I think it's funny."

(More silence)

Me: "People I work with, who aren't Jewish, thought it was a funny."

Moral of the story- Hallmark takes their holiday ornaments VERY seriously and has no sense of humor about them.


Rhea said...

A Hanukkah ornament. For a Hanukkah bush, I guess.

Alyssa said...

I think it's funny. Stupid Hallmark.

eeka said...


There definitely are Chanukah ornaments, but not at Hallmark as far as I know. I think I've gotten them from Oriental Trading Company before. I've also used general-purpose-hangy-things from Judaica stores (suncatchers and so forth) for Chanukah bushes.

Our tree at home has a dreidel-print tree skirt made by yours truly.

Sandra Valeria said...

I've been looking on the internet and there are a lot of beautiful ones. Christofer Radko makes a couple each year (loook for inclusive hearts collection and normal). Pollonaise also makes some. Hope it helps!