Thursday, October 16, 2008

Burglary in the 'burbs

Someone (or maybe several someones) broke into my workplace last night. Ironically, they chose to enter through the window which leads to an office with a door that is locked from the outside (well, really it's the hallway to be technical). Which basically left the master criminal(s) trapped in that particular room. (Which is probably for the better.)

A quick inventory of items that were taken:
  • a framed photo of all the female employees taken at our holiday party two years ago
  • a Rolodex
  • a large poster of a Norwegian fjord
  • a small poster of a castle
  • a coffee cup full of pens
  • a bottle of hand lotion

Items in plain sight that were not taken:
  • an iMac
  • a slightly older G4
  • a printer
  • a postage machine (it weighs mail and looks something like this)

From what I understand, the police said that they couldn't get any info from the fingerprints on the outside of the window. I'm no CSI, but even I saw a few partial prints. But I guess they're the professionals...

The smaller poster was later recovered on the other side of the parking lot. Late this afternoon someone from the company upstairs found the framed photo out back behind the building.

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Evan Islam said...

The postage machine you mentioned in this article is by Pitney Bowes called mailstation 2