Thursday, August 07, 2008


Just passed by a terrible car accident on Rte. 140 South near Wrentham Center (just before the courthouse).

I wondered why the cars ahead of me were moving at such a glacial pace.

Motorcycle versus small SUV (Rav 4? CRV?). I got there before the first responders. There was a small group of people who looked distraught (understandably so) and a kid in the backseat of the SUV. I wondered if anyone had called 911 yet.

As I drove by, following the glacial pace of the cars in front of me, I saw not just the mangled motorcycle (Honda? Suzuki? Definitely something small and Japanese…), I saw two legs. Then I saw a man in a sort of twisted version of the fetal position. His helmet was still on, visor either open or gone completely, and blood streaming down his arm onto his t-shirt and probably the pavement. Not moving. But not dead either. Eyes open, he seemed to be looking straight at me. Blue eyes, I think. Then he blinked. Then I heard the sirens and pulled over to let them by. Hope the guy is alright.

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Ian said...

My first accident was a real shock of a horror!

If it would have happened in this day and age we would have claimed damages. My neighbor won a case after hiring a Los Angeles accident attorney firm. I suppose money can’t wash the ugly memories away but can bring some newer and happier ones.