Saturday, April 12, 2008

What's so bad about Bicon?

More trouble is brewing about the Bicon building in JP. It's right near my neighborhood, so I pass it frequently.

let me be honest in the beginning, my opinion is not unbiased, since I'm also a patient there. I've spent a decent amount of time there in the recent past. The staff at Bicon has been nothing but helpful since I set foot in the controversial building for some emergency oral surgery in February. As far as surgeons go, the docs there are conventionality situated (for me at least) and provide important services for those of us who suffer from rotten teeth that often need to be extracted and replaced with dental implants. (My mouth is full of bling... just not the kind that you see on MTV.) Bicon also offers parking in a small lot. (Think that's overrated? You try walking home after having oral surgery during which you were sedated.)

I understand the desire to keep Boston's neighborhoods leafy and keep them from getting overrun by rampant, soulless development. Let's be realistic here - it's not in a park in the proper sense - it's not surrounded by parkland in the traditional sense (ex: Tavern on the Green in Central Park). It's on a high-traffic rotary that isn't too attractive itself, save for the leafy entrance to Franklin Park.

I'll be the first to admit that the building itself isn't the most attractive, but it's already built. What does the opposition plan to do - tear it down?


Rob said...

The owners wouldn't give the neighbors any information, it was likely built without proper permits, and the owners tried to put an Italian restaurant on the top floor without informing anybody. There's a lot wrong with that place. More than anything, it's the arrogance with which they have dealt with the abutters and public officials who simply want to know what they are doing on their land.

Plantation said...

Happy Birthday :-)