Friday, March 21, 2008

Some drivers are just stupid

I was at the light at the corner of VFW Parkway and Rte. 109 around 5:45pm today and noticed crime scene tape and a few police vehicles are blocking VFW Pkwy. South. (Anyone know why?)

Some idiots still kept trying to turn onto the closed portion of Rte. 1 South. What did they not understand about the police cars and the patient officer directing traffic? (Those of us going straight on Rte. 109 were supposed to follow the traffic light.) The officer saw that the idiots were totally screwing up the traffic pattern by their insistence that they HAD to get on Rte. 1 South, that he seemed to start directing them to a sort of waiting area near the cruisers. (I don't recall it being a very residential area, so I'm not sure if they were desperate to go to Stop n' Shop or what....)

{Note - The kind folks at Universal Hub later informed me that the blockade was due to a fire.}

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adamg said...

Guy decided today was a good day to do some barbecuing on his balcony. Guy may have made a mistake: He might have set his apartment building on fire