Wednesday, October 24, 2007


At the begining of tonight's Red Sox game, I heard a huge WHOOOOOSH come from outside. Like a frieght train flying through the air. We get our fair share of planes and helicopters in the skies over JP, but this was different - much louder and deeper. It drowned out TV and the loud neighbors. I ran out to the porch, wondering if that's what a tornado sounded like (people in Kansas say that they sound like freight trains), then thinking that I was losing it, even daring to think that there would be a freak tornado in Boston. Whatever the noise was, it seemed to reverberate and loop through the night sky.

I couldn't see anything unusual (it was sort of cloudy).

How puzzling.

Eventually the giant sucking noise in the sky petered out and I went back inside. Wasn't till I turned back to the game that I learned there would be a fly over, courtesy of the Vermont Air Guard . Those four F-16 fighter jets were LOUD. I now reslove to stop kvetching when the planes from Logan zoom over my house.

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