Monday, July 30, 2007

What is Telemetry?

Telemetry - the unit of a hospital where patients' vital signs and heart rates are closely measured

Friday's fainting spell sent me back to the Beth Israel Deaconess ER. They admitted me to the Telemetry/Cardiac Unit. Here's what was running through my mind as they wheel me in - I'm 28. Am I seriously being admitted to the Cardiac Unit? Isn't that mainly for old people? This is really scary.

For all I might bitch about in regard to the ER, this place was like a whole different hospital. Even though it was a weekend I did not feel like I got the B Team. The doctors, nurses and aides were wonderful, knowledgeable, compassionate, and professional. It was very scary for me to be there, but they did their best to make me feel as normal as possible while still hooked up to various machines.

Highlights (I'm trying to see the brighter side of things)
  • They figured out what was wrong with me. On a Saturday.
  • Getting to see an ElectroPhysiologist. Some hospitals make you wait until a weekday to see a specialist.
  • Discussing world politics with one of my CNA's. She's from Nigeria. It was enlightening. Seriously.
  • Being reassured by a nurse that I'm not the only person under the age of 50 to have been admitted there in the past decade. She said it's not uncommon for younger people to have cardiac issues.
  • Unhealthy hospital food. I made it my mission to order the least healthy options available, but to always add a green salad or fresh fruit cup.Since I wasn't on a cardiac diet I had free range to order whatever I wanted. My meals included such nutritious options like chicken fingers, a side order of fries, chocolate cake, pancakes (with real syrup and real butter), grilled cheese.
They let me go home until my procedure on Wednesday. Yay! I'm not a prisoner of the hospital any longer. Not to mention that I would've gotten fat eating so many unhealthy meals.


Rich said...

Glad you went to a first rate hospital. I hope things get worked out.

J~ said...

Hope you're feeling up to par and everything sorts out

Jimmy Hoffa said...

So did you have SVT? I'm assuming they corrected it, yes?

Lyss said...

Had it. Is all fixed as of August 2007.