Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Urban pets: The city mouse

There is a mouse in my house. And it's a smart one. I think it's the same mouse each time. (At least I prefer to think that there's only one skulking around.)

I know this not because it spoke to me (or spoke at all) but because this determined little rodent has chutzpah. I saw it scamper over one of the mouse traps that make the room an obstacle course for mice and humans alike.

I also think it's a picky little mouse. Most guides to pest elimination (including the boxes to one of the variety of traps) suggest using peanut butter as bait. This mouse clearly has a distaste for peanut butter.

I suppose it's time to get the landlord to bring in a professional to eliminate it.


Amanda said...

try some cheese. or if you have cats - that might work unless they're useless like mine.

Lyss said...
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Lyss said...

I have thought about borrowing a friend's cat for a weekend, but new roommate is allergic.
I'm currently waiting on the exterminator and stuffing steel wool everywhere I see a gap.